Rice vs Bread

I just made a point in an earlier post that rice is better than bread. I may have raised some eyebrow, I know.

Bread people: let’s be honest. Do some googling and there is so much literature saying one of the worst that we can eat is bread, particularly white bread.

Read this webpage comparing rice and bread. Note the sodium contents. Bread=170mg, Rice=2mg. This is 1-slice of bread against a cup of rice.

How much fill you get from a slice of bread compared to a cup of rice? Volume or mass wise, a slice of bread is not even comparable to 1/2 cup (of rice). Say you’d need 2 slices to get the same fill as a cup of rice…then read more about sodium in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

What did you found out? Our body only need about 200mg of sodium per day (hope you read further what havoc sodium do to our body). And for 2 slices of bread, you’re taking in 340mg of sodium already!

Rice please…


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