Taiwanese Beverages

Since I have been posting Taiwanese foods, I figure I’d include Taiwanese beverages also.

Taiwanese people are kind of adventurous in their choice of beverages. They aren’t adamant in trying new mixtures, compared to Filipinoes. In the Philippines, aside from the many variety of energy drinks, Filipinoes usually go for soda drinks, of course Coca Cola or Coke is a top favorite. Other than soda drinks,
most go for flavored powdered drinks, like Tang and Kool-Aid.

I haven’t seen any flavored powder drink made in Taiwan. Cokeand Pepsi aren’t biggies here. Most go for tea, and myriad variety of concoction using it. Coffee is getting ground, but Taiwanese aren’t much of a coffee drinker as Pinoys are. If any Taiwanese go for a fruit juice, they’d really go for the real fruit.

I’d feature as much as I can. Samples below.

Green Tea
This is very common.


Herbal Tea
Don’t know what herb is in there, tastes minty and the texture is like a slurry.

Mango Crystal Tea
Mango and Tea flavored crushed ice. I’d call it an slurpee but the ice is too coarse. Also, note the white foam under the covering plastic. It’s a vanilla cream.



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