Taiwanese Pentang


I mentioned in previous post that I only knew one dish that Taiwanese use tomatoes on. Well, I haunted for it.

I’m not much into meat but no choice this time, as the eatery is about to close and they only offer fried pork on a set meal.

Above: Fried pork with crumbs, stir fried cocumber, stir fried kangkong, and, the scrambled egg and tomato, sweetened. Yes, it’s a bit sweet. They call it fan jie hua tan.

That name of the dish I just knew now. I made a mistake asking the 60+ year old owner of the eatery how it is called– the old lady made an spectacle calling other people eating to say it to me, because I can’t get how she say it. I kind of shrinked in my seat when all eaters are looking at me.



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