Another Guerilla Food


Ok, presentation-wise this one ranks high in the grossness scale. I know and yes, I don’t mind.

The reddish viand is corned beef sauteed in garlic and lots of white onion. This one is popular with busy Pinoys being quick-prep and tasty. The tin can on the right is one among many brands of canned corned beef in the Philippines. I find it quite interesting that there are many brand of this food in the Philippines, and on the contrary corned beef is virtually unknown in Taiwan.

The dark viand on the left is chicken gizzard, cooked Philippine Adobo style ( note that Spain has their meaning of adobo, hence the Philippine specific).

Back to corned beef, I bet not many people, Filipino specifically, don’t know there’s no corn in the ingredients. Only salt. Yeah? Yes…google it.


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