What food are these?

I went to a nearby store on Sunday to buy eggs and I saw these:





I can’t help but stop, and really take a look.

Shark’s Fin for NT$950 (read that New Taiwan Dollars)? The exchange rate here:


I don’t have any idea if US$31.57 is considerably pricey, but the Philippine Peso equivalent piqued me real quick. Seriously? 1300 peso of 500cc of who-knows-what?! I must admit I am a big eater and a can of that won’t suffice for a meal for me! That amount is 5x the non-NCR Minimum Daily Salary in the Philippines set on June 2013! Here’s more: check the original price, it’s NT$1395.

So the gold color then? Or was it Thailand’s gold?

That pink can is equally expensive! Well you could probably forgive considering it’s flown from the other side of the earth. Still, not worth it.

Must be some freakin rich guy who’d afford these. But who’d think he’d go for these in a tin can if he has the money? Let me make a bet. Only a guy would buy this. Not even a deep-pocketed house wife will want these. Only a guy. A guy making an impression to the cashier. A douche, that is.

I should have checked if the tin can has a serial number, then I’d check daily if it has been bought already.

Life’s filled of so much oddity.


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