Peking Duck!

Not much need to be said about this. Peking duck is known the world over.

Peking duck is simply a roasted duck, roasted whole. But the simplicity is a disguise. It is one of the best Taiwanese/Chinese dish I ever tasted. The crispy skin is the tastiest. The dry but soft flesh is likewise delicious. I am not linguistically gifted to describe it enough. Although if I may compare, if chicken is to pork, duck is to beef. Simple.


To order, I told the chef “yang rou” (read rou like row) and he looked bewildered. It has to be “ya rou”, I was told, “yang rou” means sheep meat. The better way to order is to say “Běijīng kǎoyā”. Whatever. I pointed at the hanging ducks…


…and he’s more than willing to chop some chunks for me.


I noticed last that the vegetables are cooked a little bit more dry compared to the eateries I normally go to. I was told this eatery serve “Hongkong style” foods. Anyone who can compare Taiwan and Hongkong’s cooking? And, is it called Peking Duck in Hongkong? Or Cantonese Duck?


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