Summer Drinks

As I ambled back to work after lunch, I was handed this by a girl standing by the sidewalks.


Since it’s summer here and it’s uncomfortably hot, I decided to give a try. Time to drink something I havent’t tried. I immediately found the store.


I did wrote once that the Taiwanese are quite adventurous regarding beverages. I plan to try as many interesting even weird concoction i can find, but I believe summer will be over and I would only have tried a few. So just take a look at their “menu”.



How about Yakult Mango Juice or Yakult Lemon Juice? Or maybe you can try Brown Rice Green Milk Tea?

Note that this is just one store. And you’d find beverage shops as many as eateries or restaurants. Quite literally, your limit is how adventurous your taste buds are.

I settled for Red Bean Match Milk Tea Smoothie. Not bad at all, even though it’s kind of pricey, US$2.5 for a 750cc. I did not waste even a drop.



2 responses to “Summer Drinks

    • Yes, the alarm about tapioca is quite a scare, but people are like “whatever you can eat now that won’t harm you”. Plus, it is not new. The concern about tapioca is about a decade old. For some reason it resurfaced again.

      In very recent years, sometime 2007, people were scared again from
      eating basil, which is a primary ingredient in many Taiwanese food, because media headlines said it contains cancernogens. Then there was the copper contaminated oysters. The Taiwanese population was also alarmed by China’s melamine fiasco. Add GMO concerns, and, antibiotic and hormone laden meats. I am in no position to judge, but the general population is fairly quick to dismiss their own media’s sensationalism.

      Probably the tapioca scare catalized the creation of so many different flavor of beverages in recent years.

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