More on Peking Duck

I wrote something about peking duck that aroused reaction.

I wrote “Peking duck is simply a roasted duck, roasted whole”. I was told it’s not as simple as that. So I went to find out more.

Initially before roasting, the ducks are coated with sugar-water
mixture, or caramel. Before that, drying and inflating the duck skin will take at least 2 days.The roasting is very, very slow- will take 1 day. And as the duck roasts, the drippings are collected, including the skin fats. The slow roasting yields the golden, crispy skin. The caramel coating is repeated several times.

The dripping is mixed with soy sauce and sugar and served as a dip.

It does not seem so simple now. I stand corrected.

If I may echo and rephrase John Picardi’s comment in his post about Duck Pate: “it’s a lovely idea to wait for a day or two for the results”, this Peking Duck is a sure winner in that sense. I tend to appreciate much the effort put forth in a dish which contribute to it’s taste, rather than effort put to making the dish look good.

I’l never look at Peking Duck the same way again.

Read more here.


5 responses to “More on Peking Duck

    • Thanks for commenting, it made me realize some part were omitted (updated now). Yes, peking duck will take at least 3 days the traditional way.

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