Century Eggs


Century egg, prepared my own way. It is a popular Chinese Cold dish, usually eaten with fresh tofu. I don’t have tofu, so I put a little soy sauce in it and some tomato to offset the saltiness, presto.

Century egg sure taste good to me, I liked the delicate taste and I usually let it linger longer in my tounge than usual. I wonder why some people find it revolting. Read this article. Surely that person Danny Holwerda is ill informed.

If prepared right, century egg is really delicious. It has not the eggy smell. It instead has an ammonia like stench, but if you cut it and let the stench evaporate for sometime, it will smell no more and the delicate taste surfaces.

I have tried it mixed with porridge and it does makes the porridge taste more
delicious (will post about that separately). In fact, I used to have porridge on the weekends, I always preferred that with century egg mixed.

Many years ago anytime I’m in the Philippines, this is the reason I visit Chowking. I don’t know if it’s still featured in their menu, haven’t been to Chowking for few years. That Century Egg and Kangkong in Chinese Bagoong, if you may recall. Funny though, where in the world is Chinese Bagoon from?

Anyway, If you know balut (that boiled egg with embryo), it’s sure more revolting to some. At least to the sight.


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