Breakfast in the Farm

This is a breakfast fit for a hard day’s work. Boiled sweet potato (kamote) shoots, boiled chicken egg, eggplant salad (boiled and mixed with tomato and finely chopped white unions), and canned mackerel in tomato sauce. After the meal, wash of with plain, not ice cold, tap water.

In the farm where I grew up, this is a fairly opulent breakfast. The canned food made it like so.

As with any farm, most foods are local produce. This case, back in the farm, only the canned food would’ve been sourced from the urban markets. And having one like it once in a while is a bit of luxury, although many people out there will not even want to touch this kind of food.

There was even a story that tells of a visitor from metropolitan Manila who’s visiting the farm. The host was apologetic because nobody was able to pick canned sardines from the nearby city. So they’re instead having roasted tilapia , caught from a nearby river, and stewed chicken for dinner. That chicken is a free range chicken.

Was that a mockery? I leave you to digest.


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