Saving Food

I was intrigued by the drying of bottle gourd I onced saw in a public park.

Living alone, I almost always have vegetables about to rot in the refrigerator. That is because vegetables are sold by fixed portions in the supermarkets, and I can’t consume all of it at once. You know it, those packed in styrofoam and cling wrapped produce sold in supermarkets. In the place I live, the local farmer’s market only opens in the morning and for a few hours only. I have to work. So I end up picking veggies from the supermarkets most of the time. For example, I bought a pack of carrots lately, and the smallest portion is 500 grams. I could use some at a time, but there’s always a leftover stocked in the refrigerator.

I have not seen the drying of vegetables in the Philippines to extend the usable life of their produce. Yes we do it for major crops only, like rice, corn, peanuts, cassava, and legumes, but not for vegetables. But if the Taiwanese do, why not?

I have carrots and ear mushroom leftovers, and since it’s summer here, I decided to try drying them. I haven’t thought how I’d use the dried stuff later, but anyway i just went for it. I sliced the carrots thin, then started to sun both.


After a whole afternoon, the ear mushrooms shrunk much.

When I leave for work, I left near a window where the sun can get through.

After a week, I had dried carrots and mushroom. By this time, if have kept these in the refrigerator, I should be throwing them away already. Not this time. Note how the sizes has shrunk.

Now I have to think how I will use these. I don’t know what is the effect in the nutritional value, but don’t we have dried fish and other stuff too? It should still be good dried then. I should have thought of this many years ago. And yes, why I never saw Filipinoes doing it? Or was it that I wasn’t there when they’re drying veggies?


One response to “Saving Food

  1. This is my problem too. That’s why i love brocolli, doesn’t spoil fast & maintains the green colour longer than any other veggies. But i can’t be eating brocolli for te whole year! Hehehe..

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