Taking Pic of Food Makes Them Taste Better(?)

Read this article in the Daily Mail (UK). Taking pics of food makes them taste better? Really? Maybe this is the reason why even my cooking is tantamount to gastronomic blasphemy I still eat big time! The article further asserts that some kind of ritual before eating anything, like for example carefully unwrapping and breaking, will enhance the taste of the food. I don’t know if it’s even a justifiable “research” if it makes sense even with the simplest explanation.

If you pay attention to anything that you eat, you of course tend to savor it more — because your senses are directed to everything about that food you are eating. Your thoughts is with that one you are putting in your mouth, so you can notice every nuances of taste and flavor.

Now think about this. Even before you shovel your food in your mouth, you start paying attention early on — unwrapping, peeling, or anything…carefully…slowly…you have focused your senses to it. Your sensory receptors are anticipating. Hell you might even be salivating already. What happens when it touches your tongue? Compare to simply shoving food in your mouth while watching tv or playing a game. How much attention is focused to the taste and flavor? Simple. Ahhh, science…

I have a different thought about this pic-and-enjoy-more concept. Could it be that these people posting it in Facebook, or Twitter as the article cites, enjoy the food more because they’re probably going to talk about it to their friends (pseudo friends?), voluntarily (brag?) or because asked (ego feed?) ? Aren’t they more apt to notice the nuances of the food so they can talk about it? They’re posting pic of it in the first place.

IMHO, you will not enjoy your food lesser because you did not take a pic.


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