Like any other weekends, I typically indulge myself in Filipino foods. One dish I haven’t eaten for a few years now is tocino. To be honest, I just knew now that tocino is Spanish of bacon. Tocino is not bacon though. Two different things. Anyway I am not to argue whatever tocino means, for me it is Spanish style bacon.

It is not easy to buy tocino in Taiwan, I need to take an hour trip to Taipei. I also don’t know the ingredients. The quickest route: tocino mix.

I poured 1/2 of the sachet on a quarter kilogram thinly sliced pork, mix, then left refrigerated overnight.

Morning came, I boiled for 15 minutes, I desired a little more sweet so I add a little brown sugar as it boils. Would have been better if I had some pineapple juice. I let it simmer until the water dries, then I fry in a separate pan.

Sweet, tarty tocino.



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