Fish Sarciado

This is a Filipino dish, fried fish in thick tomato sauce. It does not look to be so unique though, it’s not at all impossible that there’s some other country’s dish out there that resembles it, or it resembles.

The fish is usually milk fish, tuna or tilapia. Any fish will do. If budget is tight as usually is in the Philippines, go for galungong. If times are good, you will not regret salmon. Mine: saury. This is even cheaper than galunggong if I compare the price per kilogram.

Cooking is quick. Fry the fish, set aside. Ready garlic, union and tomato (chopped). Personally,I like a little ginger; leave it out if you don’t like it.
Cook until tomatoe is pasty. I usually add a little water because the tomato dries out, it’d be too thick. Some add beaten egg to thicken the sauce, but I’m cutting back on cholesterol just a bit so I left the egg out. If sauce is too thin, you may use a little corn starch to thicken instead of eggs. Your choice.

Put salt to taste, or patis if you prefer. Now put the fried fish on top of the sauce, let it cook for a minute. Me I simply pour the hot sauce over the fried fish then let it sit for a while. The remaining heat is sufficient to sort of cook the fish in the sauce. Times that I put the fish over the cooking sauce, the fish sometimes ends up too soggy. Still, your choice.

This is also a good way to save left-over fried fish. I have an idea just now, maybe try fried pork too.


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