Stir Fried Vegetables, with dried mushrooms

I finally found a way to use the mushrooms i dried a week ago. That was my first time to do drying of food in a hope to prolong the usable life. It is probably a bit of luck that I saw somebody doing with and it so happened that I had excess of fresh carrots and mushrooms which will probably wilt before I could cook them. If it all goes well, then I’m into something that would save me a lot.

The mushrooms I dried for a week:
And this before dried:

First step: rehydrate.

I soaked for the dried mushrooms in warm water, and because it’s my first time doing this, I’m not sure how long it takes to bring them back to their consistency when fresh. I check every hour. After 2 hours, the size expanded to the same size as before drying, but are somewhat brittle. Four hours past, the same. I left overnight, first thing to be checked in the morning.

Here it is, same softness as before.
And sliced, it proved not brittle too. Forgive the lighting, pic is a bit dimmer so the mushroom color seems darker.
Finally, it’s time to put it to use. The easiest I can think of is stir fried vegetables.

Ingredients: pork(boiled, then fried brown), squash, string beans, ampalaya (bitter gourd).
Spices: garlic, red unions.

Cooking: sauté garlic and union, add pork, sauté mushroom and veggies. Salt or patis to taste.

Really quick, and good!

I might even be a bit more green this time. Think about the carbon footprints of these produce- after so many stages from seeding to harvesting, transporting, finally me picking it home, and everything in between, throw it away anyhow. I’ll be able to use everything. Responsible foodship eh.

Now I believe I’m into something good.


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