Dinengdeng (Vegetable Stew)

This is a generic way of cooking by the Ilocanoes of the northern Philippines. Just about any vegetable can be stewed on a bagoong broth. See pinakbet in this blog to read more about bagoong.

To differentiate from pinakbet,pinakbet has a definite set of ingredients while dinengdeng is not very specific.

I gathered available veggies in the fridge, I had eggplant, ampalaya and okra. I boiled water, add bagoong, then stew the veggies half-cooked. I saute garlic and union on separate pan, drop some half-fried pork (Filipino:sahog), then put the stewed vegetables. I still have some alugbati left-overs so I added them too, then simmer until almost done.

Ilocano comfort food…


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