Niúròu Mièn (Beef Noodles)

If someday I have to leave Taiwan, this dish will top the list of food I will miss. Beef noodles, or Niúròu Mièn.

It’s delicious and very filling. In the Philippines, I only know one place serving beef noodles. Chowking. But the taste, for me, is nowhere comparable. I did visit Chowking several times just for the beef noodles, the aroma of the broth is too bland or like nothing at all. Usual commercial stuff, I believe (sorry Chowking).

I can’t seem to get enough of the broth, and it comes with a generous amount of braised beef.

There are 3 kind of noodle sizes to choose from: thin, normal, and thick. I opted for the thick one, or “fat” as the cook called it.

If you ever come to Taiwan, remember that: Niúròu Mièn. If you’re not adept in eating with chopsticks, get the thin noodles if you can. You can twirl the noodles over the chopsticks much easier, it’s not easy with thick noodles. Better yet, ask for a fork.

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