Big Brunch with Goji

It’s Sunday and overslept, woke up mulling what to have for breakfast and lunch – too late for breakfast, too early for lunch – yes, brunch. Feeling a bit lazy, I’m not keen to whipping some Filipino food this time. I don’t feel like walking out to the eateries either.

Been thinking often about goji lately, and there’s goji in my stash of dry foods.

I ended up with scrambled egg with goji, that on the right of the picture…

I soaked the dried goji berries in hot water before cooking. I wanted an omelette, but my pan is not non-stick so it ended scrambled. It doesn’t matter though.

The eggs turned somewhat dark, stained by the goji. Again, it doesn’t matter at all.

That fish is a salted mackerel, fried and sprinkled with Italian spice. I always try to have some serving of greens so I took some young shoots from the sweet potatoes I planted on a pot at the back of our apartment, boiled (really fresh!), chop a tomato and slather a generous amount of oyster sauce.

Everything finished in 1 sitting. That’s a meal, at least to me. If we do the math: complete nutrition. No? And that goji? Power food, brother.


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