Goji is a Medicine (?)

I had bouts of sciatica recently and 1 week after I went to the doctor, after pain reliever injection, muscle relaxant tablets and therapeutic massage and all, the pain came back. I was referred to a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic for accupuncture.

Waiting for my turn, my eyes caught something…

I edged closer pretending to ask something, took another picture, and inspect later.


This is a clinic. Why these berries are here? They’re being prescribed as medicine!

I did mention goji in a previous post. If you can’t understand my fascination with goji, here’s a head up: Goji has the highest antioxidant per unit volume of all fruits. You may need to read more.

Here’s a testimonial: I have been a sickly person, having inherently weak immune system, and abusive to self in my younger years. I cheat sleep, and alcohol is a basic need back then. Colds seem to follow me like a shadow, I have colds in most months of the year, even at the onset and outset of summer. Very bad really. I was called siponin. That’s derogatory for a guy in a big frame. Then I was introduced to goji. I noticed cold attacks are far in between and disappears quickly. I am not even taking goji regularly.

I definitely recommend goji to everbody. These berries taste really mild, just a tinge of sour and sweet,so you can throw in to about anything you cook.

Forget the fancy preparations, like adding in cake, blending, yogurt…just eat it!


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