On rare occasions, I can’t cook vegetables on time. But I never felt good throwing away foods. I suppose that don’t need explanation– see my most previous post (reblog), or visit: toemail’s blog.

I had this bitter gourd getting ripe, half of it has turned yellow. I could save the seeds of course but I’m adamant to throw everything away. If I could salvage a portion, I’d be less guilty.

I’m for quick cooking because I’m a lazy guy. I thought of the way Filipinoes do scrambled eggs with ampalaya, but the portion I saved is too small. In the Philippines, we also make scrambled eggs with tomato. I have tomato in the fridge, but I’m not about to make 2 separate set of scrambled eggs with different vegetables. I’ll waste gas in heating the pan twice, and of course water for washing it twice.

I knew I can’t mix bitter and sour- sour accentuates bitter. Can I possibly mix tomato and bitter gourd? I was hesitant, but out of curiousity, I went for it: scrambled egg with tomato and amplaya.

Notice the yellow ampalaya chunks I cut off:

Needless to say, beat the eggs. Add a little milk to the beaten eggs and beat some more…

The finished product:

I readied some spice and sauce to sprinkle and pour just in case the taste put me off…they’re left unused.

It wasn’t bad at all. I actually liked the accentuated bitterness. Eggsperiment success, and I’m not much guilty throwing away them vegies.


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