Black Chicken, Tinola

You ever heard of black chicken? If not, you may want to read the silkie or black chicken entry in Wikipedia.

I never saw these chicken in the Philippines. In Taiwan, black chicken is an specialty, usually served in big, special dinners. They’re stewed whole in traditional Taiwanese/Chinese spices like tang kuei and goji. It’s usually served in a big pot, sometimes with a mini-stove underneath to keep the soup hot.

It’s unusual, but I cooked it tinola style -the Philippines’ way of stewing chicken- with an unripe papaya Filipinoes tradionally add.


Note that the chicken is not really totally black- the flesh are dark grey, and the skin is kind of bluish dark grey. I have heard of totally black chicken though.

I won’t detail how I cooked it, you may read about my previous post about tinola. Here it is, cooked:


I’m not trying to be gross, but in case you’re interested to know, I took the flesh off a portion of the thigh and here is a closeup:


That one on the right is the skin, that in the middle is bone, on the left are flesh. Note that the bone isn’t really that black as many website articles say – the bones are covered with a thin sheet of tissue, which if scraped will reveal a normally looking chicken bone. The flesh aren’t that black, just grey.

If you’ve noticed a few bits of red matters, it’s because I threw in a few piece of goji berries.  Just a few so as it will still taste like tinola, but of course with some medicinal thingy added. I may need to say, black chicken is also considered super food. Yes, it is. Not only that most black chicken are free range chicken (free from farming antibiotics and growth hormones, of course), they’re also high in antioxidants.

That’s chicken stew with a lot of twist. This dish may be served in Fear Factor. I’m quite sure this will scare many, except those with love for the exotic. Apart from the color, the taste is just simple chicken, albeit more gamey.



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