Pinoy Pentang

Here is a Filipino pientang.

Well, technically to call it pientang is somewhat ambiguous. Pientang is simply Taiwan’s equivalent to boxed lunch, same in concept as Japanese bento and Philippines’ baon, which is meant to be eaten “away” from the source, which is “where it is cooked”- typically one’s kitchen.

This case, I ate it inside the eatery, where it is cooked, and a food packaged to be taken away. Paradoxical.

Anyway, here’s what you get.

Two serving of meat dish, and vegetable- pinapaitan, chicken adobo, stir-fried sayote (chayote) leaves.

I was quite excited with the pinapaitan, but it’s a disappointment. Nowhere I tasted a tinge of bitterness, although the cow parts used are better than the pinapaitan i cooked recently. The chicken adobo is ok.

Overall, taste is ok, albeit more expensive than Taiwanese peintang. You get the fill more from the rice, but anyway, for Filipinoes away from home, it’s a bit of luxury to have more than one Filipino dish on your plate at the same time.


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