More Mooncakes

As the day of Mooncake Festival approaches, more and more mooncakes are coming. Been eating mooncakes for a week now. Just when I thought I had enough pastries…

Friends and vendors simply leave it on your desk. What do you do? Throw it away? No, definitely. These will last for a week, or more in the fridge. Got to keep ’em…as long as I can resist eating ’em.

Gladly though, mostly came with no eggyolks.

Shown here is a cake with no eggyolk, simply filled with moist pineapple filling. It’s simply a pineapple cake.

Next: Mungbean cake, with supple, flaky outer skin. 20130918-160922.jpg

Here’s a Taro Cake with the same flaky but supple outer skin. In the center, the white part, is a sticky stuff that’ll force you to chew a little bit longer and savor that taro goodness.20130918-161608.jpg

Lastly, a Green Tea cake. Outer skin is the same flaky material but of course, green tea flavored. The filling includes sweetened red beans.20130918-161820.jpg

These are obscenely tasty pastries. Notice how the cakes are unceremoniously cut with a mini-fork over thin sheets of plastic. It’s because there’s no waiting to see what’s inside, and there’s no proper utensil around.

I’m loving this festival.


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