Street Scene

Was off for lunch and some street scenes caught may attention.

Free Drinks
The guys are giving out free drinks, as promotion of nearby beverage store.

They’re wearing costumes, kind of mock-up of the real costumes they wear in traditional holidays to represent dieties. I say mock-up because the real costumes are gigantic, about 8 feet tall.

Unfortunately I wasn’t given a drink. It’s amusing though.




Non-Traditional Tea
Some old folk made use of the autumn’s rare hot sun for drying their produce, presumably for consumption on the winter time.

I asked somebody nearby what are produce for, too unfortunate that I wasn’t able to understand all he said fairly well. I did understand however they’re for tea.

I can’t make out what are the things in sacks, but I’m quite confident the stuffs in trays are taro leaves.

Haven’t tried any tea made of these.


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