Catching the Last Sun of Autumn

I captured this a few days ago, on the last 3 days of September, just before the daily drizzle that’s been going on for a few days now.

These are pàichái (Traditional Chinese: 白菜, Filipino: petsay/pechay, English: Chinese cabbage) being dried out in the sun, right beside a busy road.


On the right, beside the motorcycle:

This is a very natural way of food preservation and it interests me a lot. These kind of vegetables will rot pretty quickly in the fridge, a week is a good estimate. But sunning will probably extend the shelf life to a week further. This is one thing I respect a lot about Taiwanese people- they value their food really much.

Surely this will make some squirm of the thought of dust and everything what not, but if it’s going to be washed and cooked well, no problem.


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