Nice Noodles to Close the Workweek

I went with a Taiwanese colleague for lunch, it’s Friday here and in the technopark I am working many people typically go out in the streets for lunch instead of eating in the company canteens.

I typically eat alone but this time I saw a colleague on the way out and his English is really good so I choose to have a lunch with him. He’s cool with it too, and as a matter of etiquette I let him choose where to eat. I was told he’ll show me the best noodle house near our company. Big yes for me, of course.

Had to wait for almost 30 minutes because there are many people on queue. I went for the seafood mix.


Sure enough, the noodles are good. I’d love it more if they’ve put more seafood stuff in it. I found only two pieces each of mussel, clam, and shrimp. I’d expect to see more sea foods in there like squid and some fish but apparently that’s another variation in their menu.

Note the small ladle for “drinking” the soup- that “drinking” is not an intended pun, it’s actually a literal extrapolation from the way my Taiwanese colleague said it, he said “hē tāng” which literally means “drink soup”. Anyway, so we have a laddle- not spoon. It’s really for gulping the soup mouthful. I loved the idea. Of course, no sip. And the soup is absolutely savory.

Also note the bowl. It’s a darn thick ceramic almost like a cooking ware. I was told it’s to keep the soup hot longer. It worked.

Had some side dishes: ear pig salad – cooked in light soy sauce and frozen then sliced very thinly; and mix of duck meat and clam gills. Yes, you read that right – clam gills.

It’s my first time to hear clam gills, I never knew clams have gills so I looked it up quickly in google. They do have, eh. Now I know. I reckoned it must have been from big clams then.

Both the duck meat and clam gills are sweetened a bit.

20131011-134229.jpgLeft: pig ear salad; Right: duck (red) and clam gills

20131011-134357.jpgClam gills upclose

20131011-134433.jpgClam gills upclose
These are load of exotic foods here, at least for me. It was a field trip…

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