Store of Fried Stuff

Last Sunday, perhaps because I got bored, I got hungry out of time so I went hunting around for something to munch on in that lazy afternoon.

I just sauntered around the blocks aimlessly, and came by this store. For some reason the waft of hot cooking oil caught my attention. I decided to check it out.

There, in the display cabinet (if I may call that way), were chicken legs, squid rings, sliced sweet potato, and sort of skewered squid or meat balls (I later found out it’s squid balls); all has been fried to some degree, and except the squid balls, “breaded”.

You can see the old lady doing the breading on the background here:

…and looking closer:


The choices:

sweet potato


chicken drumsticks and squid rings


chicken wings


upper part of chicken legs (close to the body, whatever you call ’em)


and, squid balls


I pointed to squid balls, drumsticks and
sweet potatoes. The old lady immediately fired her frying “pool”. (I call that because the food literally swam in oil, I estimate to be at least 6 inch deep! Really deep frying eh.)

And because these are pre-fried already, she only fry for a minute or so. Quickly she put in a spinner kind of contraption (that square apparatus on her left– to whisk the oil away much like a washing machine spins the water away off of clothes), then weigh the sweet potatoes.

20131022-183513.jpg. I was asked hot or not for the seasoning she’ll sprinkle on everything I just asked her to cook for me. I payed and off I start eating.

the squid balls



the sweet potatoes



the drumstick


I planned to do other things after but I instead dozed off. Lazy afternoon.


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