Taiwanese Breakfast

Here’s a quick breakfast: dàn-bǐng ( Traditional Chinese: 蛋餅 ).

in English, foreigners call it egg pancake or egg crepe. It is made of lightly fried thin dough and scrambled egg spread thinly over it. Spring onions are sprinkled over the dough at the start of frying.

Other fillings are spread on top of the egg, then the whole thing rolled up and cut to pieces. You could go for plain dumplings too, just the dough and the eggs. But I find that kind of dry and bland.

See the circular white stuff being fried by the cook:

I choose to take it away instead of eating inside the shop, so it was served in a disposable lunch box.

There are two popular fillings: fish and bacon. I asked for fish, it was actually minched tuna with a boat load of ground black pepper. ( In the picture of the woman frying, see the big, white, circular container with a wooden ladle. That’s the fish filling.)

It’s absolutely delicious!


Note that I put the Chinese characters in the beginning of the post. Just in case you’re in Taiwan and you want to try dàn-bǐng, and in case you find it hard to make the vendor understand, show the characters! To ask for fish, say (魚).


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