Stewed Pork with Beets

This is my own undoing, making do of what I can grab from the fridge. I would have second thought posting it, but I was somehow pleased of the outcome. So, here…

Beets are not used in native Filipino dishes, probably because of scarcity. Why I have beets in the fridge is I’ve been planning to try Russian borscht. But when I’m going through how to cook it I got lazy when I found I need many ingredients.

I instead stewed the pork ribs Philippine style, or nilagang baboy. Simply, pork stewed in garlic, onion and black pepper. But instead of the usual veggies Filipino add, I popped in beets and carrots.

I must admit it looks a little odd at first, the beets diffusing a bloody red tint, but it ended up interesting. Here everything turned up reddish rather quickly:


Nutritionally, it’s worth to know that beets are power foods too, having anti-cancer properties, and are known brain boosters too. Beets stay crunchy when cooked, but best not to have them over cooked or the benefits degrade steeply. I cooked half done.

Unfortunately beets are not used much by the Filipinoes, but we can always cook our foods with a different twist.


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