Let me resume my posts with greetings…

恭喜发财! Kung Xi Fa Chai!

That’s Lunar New Year greetings in Mandarin, and if you’re greeting a Cantonese (like Hongkongers): Kung Hei Fat Choi.

Both means the same, “wish you a prosperous New Year”, sort of.

After the greetings, it’s usually followed with Hong Bao Na Lai, which means “hand me my red envelope, please”. That’s descriptive of a gift, which usually is cash in a red envelop. It is usually told to more senior, or more well-off people, in the family or organizations.

Well, we’re 1 month down the Year of the Horse. I have been too occupied the past 3 months, I have tons of pics to write about.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!


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