You Can’t Have Too Much Veggies

It’s past the major holidays for the first half of the year here in Taiwan and had a visit to nearby farmer’s market. Haven’t had much time lately to cook a proper meal and had to survive on take aways for several weeks. So it may be kind of ‘so what’ to some to have some time to visit a farmer’s market, it’s kind of different to me.

On my way there, I’ve salivating actually of the notion of fresh veggies cooked the way I want. Here’s a stash for a week, I can’t help but praise the colors. These are beautiful. They’re not only healthy, they’re easy on the eyes. If you’ve been getting by with take aways for some time, the sight of fresh produce in the kitchen kind of infuse freshness in the air too for some reason.

I’m pretty occupied now pondering which one to cook first, I don’t want to be guilty by the end of the week buying too much, much more than I need. I’d probably eat just veggies the all week but we can never have too much vegetables, can we?

Let’s not forget the hardworking farmers who tirelessly toil the land for us to have these foods.

This post is for my father and uncles. They’re all farmers who, rain or shine, toil the soil and never complain. I do hope they will have a good harvest this summer.


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