About Me and this Blog

I am a Filipino working in Taiwan as manager of applications development. I was raised in a farm in the Philippines. Now I work at the forefront of technology.

I am inspired by an article in Santa Clara University’s website that says: “According to the World Bank, over 1 billion people—at least one quarter of the world’s population—live in poverty. Over half of these people live in South Asia; most of the remainder in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia.”.

In poverty, a natural occurence is scarcity of food. Of all the basic need of any person, food is on the top of the list.

People has an innate ability to adapt in their surroundings and make the most of what their surroundings provide to suit their needs. In the TED Talk by Iwan Baan titled “Ingenious Homes in Unexpected Places”, people in less priveledged part of the world do exactly just that, adapt to their surroundings and make the most of what they can use, in that case to have a shelter. Food is in no way different- people make the most of edible things their surroundings provide to feed themselves.

I myself have been through this. I was raised in a farm and typically we forage for edible materials that our surrounding affords us, to augment whatever meager sustenance my farming family has, which, to the affluent may consider mockable foods. As such, I rever food, and I strive for frugality and practicality.

This blog is for those who take pride with simple, no-pretention foods. This blog
will first and foremost will reflect how Taiwanese people make the most of what they have, at least to some extent; and secondly, how a Filipino tailor his food depending on what the environment provides in order to survive.

At some point in time I may feel a bit philosophical about food and the preferences, outlooks and concepts related to it, and I may sometimes include in this blog.



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